Term: progeria
Literally meaning: ?prematurely old?
Origin: Anc Greek
???-/pro-(= suffix denoting ?toward?, ?in front of?, ?precede?, ?before?)
?????/geras(=old age)
In 1886,the English surgeon and pathologist Dr Jonathan Hutchinson (1828 ?1913) presented a case of a 3-year-old boy who had features resempling those of an enderly man. In 1887 nglish surgeon, Dr Hasting Gilford (1861-1941) described the second known case of this particular syndrome and he coined the term ?progeria? in order to describe his findings.
Progeria (or "Hutchinson?Gilford Progeria Syndrome?) is a rare genetic disease characterised by symptoms resembling with normal human aging. The disese is caused mainly by mutations affecting lamin-A protein.

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