Term: syndrome
Literally meaning: ?running together?
Origin: Anc Greek
???-/syn-(=prefix meaning  ?along with?, ?together?)
+??????/dromos(= road, street, course) > ???????/dedroma(=past perfect of verb ???????/trecho meaning run).
In 1686 English physician Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) developed the concept of a medical syndrome describing a syndrome of chorea in childhood as a complication of rheumatic fever.   
A recognizable pattern or association of symptoms (observed by the patient) or signs (observed by physician) indicating a particular disease.

- Rabdomyolysis
Term: rabdomyolysis Literally meaning: ?desrtuction of skeletal (striated) muscle? Origin: Anc Greek??????/rabdos(=rod, stripe, stick)+???-/myo-(=combining form meaning muscle) >???/mys/(=muscle) >???/myo(=enclosed like the muscle inside body...

- Palindrome
Term: palindrome Literally meaning: ?back to road? Origin: Anc Greek?????/palin(=back, again) > ?????/pale(=previously, beforetime)+??????/dromos(= road, street) >???????/dedroma(=past perfect of verb ???????. Coined/History(?) DefinitionPalindrome...

- Philtrum
Term: philtrum Literally meaning: ?spot of affection?Origin: Anc Greek???????/philtron(=philtrum, love potion) > ?????/phileo(=kiss, love)Coined/HistoryEtymology of the term derived by Ancient Greeks belief that the philtrum is of the most erogenous...

- Progeria
Term: progeriaLiterally meaning: ?prematurely old?Origin: Anc Greek???-/pro-(= suffix denoting ?toward?, ?in front of?, ?precede?, ?before?) ?????/geras(=old age)Coined/HistoryIn 1886,the English surgeon and pathologist Dr Jonathan Hutchinson (1828 ?1913)...

- Chorea Or Choreia
Term: Chorea or chorea Origin: Anc Greek  ??????/choreia (=dance) since  large groups of muscles are usually involved  lead to writhing dancing movement. Coined: at least since the 16th century. Definition:A eurological disorder that is...