Term: preclinical
Literally meaning: ?before symptoms?
Origin: Anc Greek
???-/pro-(= suffix denoting ?toward?, ?in front of?, ?precede?, ?before?)
+?????/clini(=bed) > ????????/clinicos=clinic (adj)
Preclinical (adj) is pertaining to the period preceding of symptoms of a disease.

- Prophylaxis
Term: prophylaxis and prophylactic (adj) Literally meaning: ?an advance guard? Origin: Anc Greek???-/pro-(= suffix denoting ?toward?, ?in front of?, ?precede?, ?before?) +???????/philasso(=quard) Coined/History(?) DefinitionProphylaxis is a disease prevention...

- Homeopathy
Term: homeopathy, (homeo-) +(-pathy) Origin: Anc Greek ?????? (adj)/homeos(=same, similar)???????/patheia (suffering) in masculine gender is ?????/ pathos(=passion, sorrow, strong emotion). a suffix used in modern formations to mean "one suffering...

- Pneumonia
Term: pneumonia Origin: Anc Greek ???????/pneumon(=lung)  >????/pneo(=blow)  à lung disease Coined : Hippocrates (460 BC- 370 BC) was the first physician  to accurately described the symptoms of pneumonia although he mentioned that...

- Symptom
Term: symptom Origin: Greek ????????/symptoma (=a happening) >???/syn(together) + ???????/piptein (=to fall) because symptoms happen with a disease. Coined : Definition: A characteristic sign of the existence of a disease or health condition...

- Leprosy
Leprosy is a disease that causes harmful skin sores and nerve damage to the arms and legs. Leprosy has been around since way back then, and it was such a terrifying disease that the people who had it were often shunned and sent out of the country. It is...