Term: perikaryon

Literally meaning: ?around nucleus?

Origin: Anc Greek
+??????/karyon(=kernel, nut)



    Perikaryon is  applied particularly to neurons denoting the cell body of a        
     neuron, exclusive of its nucleus.

- Synapse
Term: synapseOrigin: Anc Greek ???????/synapsis(=conjuction)???-/syn (prefix denoting  ?with, together with?)+????/hapto (=fasten, adapt, clasp, bind) Coined: in 1897 by the English physiologist Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857-1952) and colleagues....

- Eukaryote And Eucaryotic (adj)
Term: eukaryote and eukaryotic (adj) Origin: Anc Greek ??/eu(=good, well, easy) + ??????/karyon(=kernel, nut) Literally meaning:  well defined nucleus. Coined: in 1925  by French biologist Eduard Chatton (1883 ? 1947) who first used the term...

- Mitosis
Term: mitosisWalter Fleming (1843-1905) Origin: Anc Greek ?????/?????(=warp thread) + - -????/osis(=process) because chromatin of the cell nucleus appears as long threads in the first stages. Coined : by German anatomist and founder of cytogenetics Walter...

- Karyotype
Term: karyotype Origin: An Greek ??????/karyon(=walnut, kernel)   + ?????/type(=mark, figure, form) > ?????/tipto(=strike, hit) leaving a mark.  à nuclear morphology Coined : The term karyotype was introduced by Levitsky in  1931...

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Prokaryotic Cells Prokaryote is a cell or an organism that lacks a nucleus and other membrane enclosed organelles and most of their DNA is a single circular molecule. All bacteria are prokaryotic cells. The word "prokaryote" means "before the nucleus"...