Term: metanephros
Literally meaning:?
Origin: Anc Greek
????-/meta-(=after, next to, behind)
Metanephros is the third stage of kidney development in amniotes (birds, reptiles, mammals)

- Pronephros
Term: pronephrosLiterally meaning: ?before the kidney?Origin: Anc Greek???-/pro-(= towards, in front of, precede)??????/nephros(-kidney)Coined/History(?)DefinitionPronephros is a simple excretory organ that is the functional embryonic kidney in anamniotes...

- Opisthonephros
Term: opisthonephrosLiterally meaning: ?kidney at last?Origin: Anc Greek( ??????- )/( opistho- ) = prefix meaning ?following, at last? (time) or ?behind?(=place)??????/nephros(-kidney)Coined/HistoryIn 1919 by Scottish embryologist Grahan Kerr (1869 ?1957)...

- Amniotes Or Amniota (sing Ular Amniote)
Term: amniotes, amniotaLiterally meaning: ?that having amnion?Origin: Anc Greek??????/amnion (=liquid collection vessel) probably derived from verb ????/amao=collect, gatherCoined/HistoryThe author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer (8th cen BC), used...

- Pyelonephritis
Term: pyelonephritis Literally meaning: ?inflammation of pelvis?Origin: Anc Greek??????/pyelos(=pelvis, basin)??????/nephros(=kidney)-?????/-itida (=-itis, suffix meaning ?pertaining to? or ?inflammation?.) It is feminine gender because it was used with...

- Nephron
Term: nephronOrigin: Anc Greek??????/nephros(=kidney)???/neo or ?????/nasso(=fill, overflow)Literally meaning : filled with(blood)Coined/History(?)The ancients did not have a clear idea about the structure and function of the kidney and only Galen reffered...