Homework Human Population

Homework Human Population

Answer the questions. Please look up spelling and check that your sentences make sense and answer the question. look at the population link to help you. Have a good Academic Travel trip.

Human Population

1.     Explain the reasons why the human population has so rapidly increased since around 1800.

2.     Which regions in the world have the greatest population growth? Suggest reasons for your answer.

3.     What are the main differences between the distribution of ages between developing and developed countries?
Explain these differences.

4.     The World population was just over 6 billion in the year 2000, it has now just reached 7 billion. Predicted numbers for the end of this century range from 8-12 billion. List and discuss the problems that this size of population would cause.

5.     Of the seven billion people on the planet now, about half live in poverty and about a 1/5 are undernourished. Suggest reasons for this and the ethical points that this raises. 

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