Eumetazoans (Eumetazoa)

Eumetazoans (Eumetazoa)

Term: Eumetazoans (misspelling of Eumetazoa)

Literally meaning: ?well defined after animals?

Origin: Anc Greek
?? / eu-(=prefix meaning "well?, ?good?, ?easy?, ?right?)
????/meta(after, next to)
???/zoa(=plural of  ??????/zoon=a live thing, animal)

The term was coined in accordance with the term "Protozoa",  precursors of Metazoa

(zoology): Eumetazoans is the clade, or subkingdom of all multicellular animals which are characterised by having cells differentiated into tissues and organs  and an embryo that goes through a gastula stage. All animals except for sponges and  placozoa (marine invertebrates) are classified as Eumetazoans. Although the term "Eumetazoans" is most frequently used for this group of organisms, in general the term "Metazoans" is used to describe the kingdom of Animalia as a whole.  

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