Term: anastomosis
Literally meaning: ?communicating opening?
Origin: Anc Greek
???- /ana-(=combining form meaning upon, throughout)
+ ?????/stoma (=mouth)  >????/tome(=cutting, incision)
+ (-????)/(-osis )(=suffix denoting ?process? or ?state?)
An anastomosis is a surgical connection between parts and especially hollow tubular parts like blood vessels or distal parts of intestine.  

- Episiotomy
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- Angiomatosis
Term: angiomatosisLiterally meaning: ?process of vessel growth?Origin: Anc Greek??????/aggio (=vessel, receptacle) > ?????/aggos(=tube)+ (-???)/-oma (suffix denoting ?mass growth? or a ?complete set of?)+ (-????)/(-osis )(=suffix denoting ?process?...

- Stenosis
Term:stenosisLiterally meaning: ?narrowing?Origin: Anc Greek??????/steino/ (=constrict, narrow, concentrate)+ (-????)/(-osis )(=suffix denoting ?process? or ?state?)Coined/History(?)DefinitionStenosis is an abnormal narrowing in any  passage or tubular...

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