logos / ?????

logos / ?????

Term: logos / ?????

Origin: Anc Greek ?????> ???/leo (=speak).

Coined with a special meaning by pre ?Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus (c. 535?c. 475 BCE).

Ancient philosophers used the term to mean discourse (Aristotele) or as principle of universe (cosmos).

Runon derivatives :

Suffix  -logy indicating branch of knowledge or study of :
Pathology, oncology, epidemiology,  endocrinology, embryology, cytology, immunology, histology, microbiology, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, cardiology, hepatology, haematology, nephrology, pulmonology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, physiology, urology


- Pathology
Term: pathologyLiterally meaning: ?study of a disease?Origin: Anc Greek????-/patho-(=prefix denoting ?suffering?) > ????? / pathos(=passion, sorrow, strong emotion)+(-?????)/-logia(=logy, suffix meaning ?study of?, ?speech?, ?discourse?) > ???/leo...

- Nephrology
Term: nephrologyOrigin: Anc Greek??????/nephros(=kidney)???/neo or ?????/nasso(=to fill, to overflow) ?????/logos(=word, speech, discourse, reason)>-?????/-logia(=logy, study of)CoinedHippocrates (460 BC ? ca. 370 BC) was the first who used uroscopy...

- Ophthalmology
Term: ophthalmology Origin:  Anc Greek ????????/ophthalmos(=eye) + ?????/logos(=speech, discourse, study of) > ???????? > ???? (=sight) + ??????? (=room) Definition:Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of the...

- Epidemiology
Term: epidemiologyOrigin:  Greek terms ???/epi(= upon, among) ?????/demos( = people, district) + ?????/logos( = study of,  discourse)Coined : The Greek physician  Hippocrates sometimes said to be the father of epidemiology as he was coined...

- Pharmacology
Term: pharmacology Origin: Anc  Greek ????????/pharmakon (=medicine or poison) + ?????/logos (=discourse, study of) Coined: pharmacology is held to have emerged as a separate science first time in 1847, when Rudolf Buchheim was appointed...