Genetically similar individuals are known as

Genetically similar individuals are known as

A) Hybrid
B) Cybrid
C) Clone
D) None of the above

The correct answer is:
C) Clone

- A Cross Between F1 Offspring And The Recessive Parent Is Called
A) Back Cross B) Double Cross C) Hybrid Cross D) Test Cross The correct answer is: D) Test Cross...

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- # 60 Action Of B-lymphocytes
A B-lymphocyte places some of its specific receptor molecules in its cell surface membrane. If it encounters an antigen that binds with this receptor, the B-lymphocyte is activated. It divides repeatedly by mitosis to produce a clone of genetically identical plasma...

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- 2/27/14
Today we did more point mutations practice worksheets and finished the bug lab. We then, later in class, started talking about cloning and the process of it. It is really weird on how you can make a clone of yourself and it looks exactly like you, but...