Term: episclera
Literally meaning: ??
Origin: Anc Greek
???-/epi-(= ?upon?, ?on?, ?besides? ?in addition?)
+???????/scleros(=hard, tough)
Episclera is the thin vascular membrane between sclera (white of eye) and conjunctiva. 

- Pterygium (pl Pterygia) Or Surfer?s Eye
Term: pterygium (pl pterygia) or Surfer?s EyeLiterally meaning: ?small wing?Origin: Anc Greek??????/pteron(=wing) > ???????/petomai (=fly)-????/-ygio(=suffix used for diminutives of nouns)+( -um) =latin suffix that forms singular nounsCoined/History ...

- Sclerectasia
Term: sclerectasia Literally meaning: ?extension of the sclera? Origin: Anc Greek???????/scleros(=hard, tough)???????/ectasis(=an extension, or distention) Coined/History(?)DefinitionSclerectasia is a bulging of the sclera (white...

- Scleritis
Term: scleritis Literally meaning: ?inflammation of sclera? Origin: Anc Greek???????/scleros(=hard, tough)+-????/-tis(=suffix which is used with the feminine noun ? ?????/ nosos/=disease, denoting ?inflammation...

- Scleroblastema
Term: scleroblastema Literally meaning: ?tough sprouts? Origin: Anc Greek???????/scleros(=hard, tough)+??????> blasty (=sprout, germ)  >?????/valo(=push, throw) Coined/History(?)DefinitionScleroblastema is the...

- Scleroderma
Term: sclerodermaLiterally meaning: tough skinOrigin: Anc Greek???????/scleros(=hard, tough)?????/derma(=skin) > ?????/desma(=bonds) because skin keeps the body tight > ????/dero(=to peel, to flay).Coined/Historyin 1847 by Gintrac who based on the...