Term: brachycephaly
Literally meaning: ?short head?
Origin: Anc Greek
Brachycephaly is a type of craniosynostosis characterised by short broad head with a cephalic index of over 80

- Cephalalgia
Term: cephalalgiaLiterally meaning: ?headache?Origin: Anc Greek???????/cephalin(=head) +?????/algos(=ache, pain) > ??????/loigos(=pain, sorrow)Coined/HistoryDefinition Cephalalgia is the symptom of a moderate usually  pain in the head....

- Electroencelograph (eeg) Or Encephalogram
Term: electroencephalography (EEG) and  encephalogramLiterally meaning: ?image of electrical condition of the brain?Origin: Anc Greek/ç???????/electron(=amber) >???????/helector(=shining light) > ?????/helios(=sun)+ ???/ago(=carry)...

- Dolichocephaly
Term: dolichocephaly Literally meaning:  «long headed? Origin: Anc Greek???????/dolichos(=long road)+ ???????/cephalin(=head) Coined/HistoryThe name based on  the head appearance which resembles to an inverted boat. Definition Dolichocepaly...

- Schistocephaly
 Term: schistocephaly Literally meaning: ?cleft  head ? Origin: Anc Greek?????/schiso(=slash, divide)+ ???????/cephalin(=head) Coined/History(?) DefinitionSchistocephaly is cleft or split head.  ...

- Plagiocephaly
Term: plagiocephalyLiterally meaning: ?asymmetrical head?Origin: Anc Greek???????/plagios(=askew)???????/cephalin(=head) Coined/History(?)DefinitionPlagiocephaly is a a malformation of characterized by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side)...